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To be melanated and radiate #BlackGirlMagic is largely attributed to having naturally oily skin. Gotta thank my mom and dad for that!

Skin with melanin is known to produce excess oil that keeps skin like mine from wrinkling and drying which I love. The downside to that is I can look shiny when my skin becomes too oily. Please know that my glow isn’t just from genes – I’m a girly girl that loves LOVES makeup and often strives to create a natural look that enhances my features yet allows the sunlight to accent certain areas of my face – basically I mix several highlights and apply to my face to put my highlight on a beam haha! For Cuba I wanted a no fuss, flirty lash, even skin tone dewy look. I achieved just that with the products below:

These products were my everyday go to for a fresh, even skin tone look and I loved it. For the day I wore the form fitting white dress with the flared cuff sleeves I did accent my look with a deepened red lip by Guerlain which I LOVED!

As for my hair, my friends know that I am the protective style QUEEN. My typical protective style is an install but I opted for Havana Twist as they were the perfect no fuss style that’ll protect my hair from the harsh cold of NYC and provided low maintenance upkeep while traveling abroad.

On Monday, the fourth day of our trip we took a two hour drive to Varadero beach, the route was scenic and breezy as we drove up the coast and took in the sights. We came to a rest stop about 15 miles out before arriving in Varadero, Cuba and took in a breath taking view of the countryside. It was surreal to see how much open land there is along the coast and occasionally a large house out in the open field with beautifully bread horses wandering nearby. We even passed a rum factory that was so potent we could smell it as we drove by!
Once we reached the beach it was unbelievably windy yet the water was lukewarm which was a nice surprise. Honestly, it wasn’t comfortable enough to sit and relax but we did snap a few shots and take in the sites of the local markets.

Things to do in Cuba

Photo by Langré Edwards

Varadero beach

Photo by Langré Edwards


On the fourth day we walked around in our neighborhood to snap a few photos on the street and in Paladar La Guarida. After the shoot we took a taxi to visit the other two ladies we traveled with that stayed in a beautiful colonial mansion about 20 minutes outside of the city, which is another incredible Airbnb recommendation you can consider if you don’t mind having to take a taxi to and from the city. You can also take the city bus alone or with others, no matter the distance for 1 CUC which we found to be pretty unbelievable. Certain taxis traveling only within the city area allowed for multiple passenger pick up, think of it as “Uber Pool” allowing for an affordable ride!

Restaurants in Havana

Photo by Langré Edwards

Restaurants in Havana

Photo by Langré Edwards

We dined at a nearby restaurant just a few blocks away from our hotel called Casa Cantabria De La Havana which I’d definitely recommend for dinner! Although I must forewarn you that the wait time for your food can be lengthy so if you are hungry have a snack before you sit to dine there.  The meal costed around $10 CUCs including food and cocktails. We found served portions tend to be large enough for two people to share and beyond reasonably priced so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth while dining out. Of course didn’t end the night there, we went to Hotel Floridita to enjoy cocktails and dancing – to practice the moves we learned in our salsa class and we all did pretty good being able to keep up!


Check back for my round up of do’s and don’t for travel to Cuba, what I wore, & much more! If you missed the first few recaps of day 1 and 2 you can check them out here and here. Be sure to follow my Instagram for live updates and photos from my amazing trip!


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