Saturday is my typical day of the week I love to sleep in, but I did the exact opposite this weekend LOL. I decided to take a trip to Harlem, walk around, and grab a Moccachino from Astor Row Cafe since the weather was really nice! I’ve never had a Moccachino before but the richness of the chocolate in this drink is worth going back for – tell them I recommend it if you stop by! I know that Astor Row has this surburban feel with the old architecture of housing on this street and newly updated brownstones and wanted my outfit to reflect that. With my big curls, bright colored two-piece set, and circle frames I was feeling real Mahogany out here HAHA! Given the early morning and muted tones of the buildings, I love how my look complimented my surroundings that I snapped a few shots with my photographer Chris. Looking at these photos, I feel I look like how my mom dressed in the late 70s – of course she was a size 3 and I am not LOL…but I promise I get my style from that phenomenal little lady!

For this stroll I decided to wear a cropped sweater from a two-piece set I purchased from Missguided (I am obsessed with two-pieces and breaking them up), high-waisted orange slacks (anything high-waisted seems to compliment my frame), layered with my Mango denim jacket (also pictured here), my new Dior inspired boots, round frame Topshop sunnies, and my peacoat from Asos (old).

I’m looking to buy some embroided short jackets and structured jackets in cool patterns with textures to pair with simple outfits and sneakers on the go. I think that’ll be my look this Spring, but you never know it may change! LOL

xX … K

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