Happy Monday! Over the weekend I took a stroll in my neighborhood to find something to eat. There’s a few cute coffee shops and diners that are a good walking distance but I settled on trying Jenny’s Roti. I’ve heard about this place randomly and passed it a few times that I decided to go in and try it. I’ve had roti before but it has been so long. I ordered one with chicken and it was pretty good, so I’m sure I’ll be back!

Thinking about the 50+ degrees and how I dressed for warm weather, I decided to layer my outfit with my Forever 21 coat and checkered pants (old), cropped leather jacket, white striped top (which I love!), and my coveted Alexander Wang boots (also worn here). These unusually warm temps in the Winter have me excited to wear dresses and skirts and really play with layering and proportions. I’m a Spring baby and I love wearing lighter layers. I’m ready to break out the pastels and floral and to finally do away with the heavy coats.

What are you guys looking forward to in the Spring?! Let me know!

xX … K

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