Happy New Year loves!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted but I’m back and looking forward to sharing a lot this year! I’ve been consumed with school, work, and traveling that I neglected to document all my looks and life experiences on my blog. But I’m looking to change that and share more with you guys! Check out a few photos below from my stroll through Soho during a fun day of Saturday shopping. I started off people watching at Joe & The Juice shop having a ginger bread latte which did not taste that great! Sorry but I have to be honest but I’m sure the juices are better and probably what they’re really known for. I’ll stick to Starbucks but sit in there for the ambiance LOL! I’ve neglected this area for a while because I’ve become accustomed to online shopping, however I do crave the instant gratification every now and then and appreciating the visual aesthetics in stores such as Topshop which is a favorite of mine!

I’ve also teamed up with a new photographer to bring fresh content to my site which is exciting, yay for new looks and here’s to a year of sharing fun experiences!

Hope you guys enjoy the photos. Details of what I’m wearing are below as well. Be sure to follow my Instagram for live updates of what I wear daily.

Xx Khalia

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