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I know I haven’t blogged in a while and I am sorry for the delay but I have been working on some new features and drafting new branding ideas….but nevermind that! I am back and ready to introduce you guys to a new dope designer who I have had the pleasure of meeting earlier this year through my friend Zenova King. His name is Reemo & he is the designer and head of the up and coming fashion line Riche Threads! Many of you may have heard of him since his buzz is crazy in Brooklyn, Harlem and he has had much success with placing of his pieces on major artists such as Trey Songz & TV personality Terrence J. When we met we discussed his clothing line and the ideas behind his prominent teddy bear design, color schemes, as well as quality of the actual t-shirts and sweatshirts which all together equate to a great product. These garments would definitely be a wardrobe stable amongst those that love an eclectic mix of hood & high fashion!

Designer of Riche Threads :Reemo



A few models below wearing Riche Threads:

Check out the background on Riche Threads below along with the interview that I had with him about his line and gain insight into how an idea translates into success or as in the words of Reemo “from the basement to the boutique.”
Riche Threads is a clothing line designed by local New Yorker Reemo (aka Kareem Hanley) which originated in Brooklyn NY as an urban clothing line that presents a new edge to the fashion game. The first name of the line is ‘Riche’ is French for “new rich” or new money, which refers to a person who has acquired considerable wealth within his or her generation. With the need for a new spark in fashion Riche Threads has presented themselves as a line of the present and the future.
The line Riche Threads was established in November 2010, The line received its 1st big push after being seen on BET 106 & Park’s host Terrance J. After being spotted with the Riche Threads South Beach teddy design the urban society stamped Riche Threads as a line to watch out for. Riche Threads has been recently spotted on Trey Songz in his heart attack video & on 106 and Park, New York’s Radio personality for Hot97 DJ Magic, Local Hip-Hop DJ Exeqtive, Grind Time battle MC Cortez, Puma Robinson of (Black Ink Gallery in Harlem USA), & Designer Jason Christopher Peter.

What inspired you to create this line?

I was inspired to start a line after the decline of the Rich Yung Society clothing line movement which was my favorite line at the time, but I didn’t feel that their were a lot of clothing lines out that I took interest in so I felt the need to give it a try.

Trey Songz on 106 & Park

What separates Riche Threads from other designers?

I feel what separates Riche Threads from any other clothing line is the willingness to try something out of the norm and put a fashionable twist to it. We have used unique colors and artwork that cases use to stand out as a brand.

Trey Songz – Behind the Scenes of ‘Heart Attack’

You stated “Riche Threads was created to bring a new edge of fashion to the game” how do you feel your brand accomplishes this?

I don’t think we are labeling ourselves as just a brand that is strictly urban we have several different looks in a fast period of time, for the different age groups that support our movement. We make items for the sneaker heads, skateboarders, fashionably loud, and the calm average supporter.

Trey Songz – Heart Attack Video

What kind of man or woman is attracted to your brand? Describe the Riche Threads customer.

Our line gives a feel of exclusion to the more stylish urban male or female looking to make a statement through the items they wear. Riche Threads Clothing is great to compliment to an outfit and really completes a look.

Terrence J – Host of 106 & Park

Where can people purchase Riche Threads?

Riche Threads can be found in several boutiques in the tri-state area: Goliath in Harlem USA, Black Rose Boutique, Fashion library, Punk & Pearl, also at Currency located in the Massachusetts area.

Hot 97s DJ Magic

Where do you see Riche Threads in 5 years?

In 5 years I see Riche Threads as a staple in the fashion society as well as a line branching off with success amongst luxe designs.

Are there any designers, celebs, family, friends that inspire your designs?

I’ve been pretty much self inspired because putting out a product that people really enjoy and look for on the release is such a great feeling. I’ve been through the thoughts of people not believing in my vision, but to those people I usually give them 1 quote & then they understand “from the basement to the boutique”

Want to know how you can get your hands on luxe Riche Thread Garments? Check out their contact information and website below!

Get to know Riche Threads!

Twitter: @richethreads

Facebook: Riche Threads

Riche Threads

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