NAME: Vernon Hall

AGE: 26

LOCATION: Bergen County, New Jersey

OCCUPATION: Student, Entrepreneur, & Full – Time Realist

1. What inspires your everyday look? Do you draw inspiration from any designers or celebrities?

Being that I’m constantly on the move being comfortable is always necessary it works and is convenient to my lifestyle. My inspiration comes from many different angles but I would has to say Tom Ford, Jeremy Scott, Nick Wooster, Swiss Beatz are definitely influential to my creativity

2. How would you describe your personal style?

Streetwear mets High Fashion

3. With all of this social media creating fast fashion & the music industry heavily influencing our peers fashion sense, do you feel that influences how you dress?

Yes, I definitely feel that hip hop culture has made a huge impact on my personal style along with social media platforms such as tumblr which has broadened my creativity when getting dressed.

4. Tell us, how what do you feel defines a man with great style? It is a nice watch? Having an eye for great tailored clothing?

What defines great style is just being simple, confident, and creative.

I happen to know Vee and I think that he has great style! He definitely knows how to switch up his look from being casual to a well tailored suit.

What do you guys think of Vee’s personal style?

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