Picture chic umbrellas (black ofcourse) clustered with the signature C logo printed on them hovering over guest as they arrived on a rainy day to the exhibit of “The Little Black Jacket.” This book compiles pictures of celebrities of a variety of different crafts in photoshoots all wearing the coveted little black jacket which is a staple piece when you think of Chanel. At the exhibit guest were immersed in blown up life size images of the book in exquisite black and white photography that captured the essence of each model, celebrity, and style icon wearing the little black jacket in their own way!

Guest such as Zoe Kravitz, Lily Collins, Poppy Delevigne and Theophilus London were in attendance to see the dynamic photography of designers such as  Alexander Wang and music artist Kanye West.

I cannot wait to order a copy of the book which will be available August 15th! It’ll sit nicely amongst all of my coveted coffee table fashion editorials 😉

Will you be purchasing a copy of this iconic history?! I say its a MUST HAVE to all fashion lovers!

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