(Courtesy of New York Magazine)

Beyonce and her mama Tina Knowles have designed a T-shirt to support the campaign initiative of our President Barack Obama’s reelection! Retailing at only $45, the idea derived from Anna Wintour and the team of designers that she rallied to create their own memorable t-shirts to be sold. Beyonce and Mama Knowles are in good company of other participating designers including Tory Burch, Proenza Schuler, and Diane Von Furstenburg. (Via Cutblog)

No shade I don’t care for this particular design…..I’m all about supporting our POTUS but I know I’d more than likely buy the t-shirt that Proenza Schuler or DVF puts out!

What do you guys think?

Would you buy this shirt to support Obama’s reelection?

Let me know!

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